aroi offers up to 100% financing at rates lower than the banks have posted. It’s important to understand that there are many other costs associated with a mortgage and it’s not just the rate that matters. For example early payment penalties, portability rules and many more differences can result in the lowest rate mortgage costing you more in the end. aroi’smortgage specialists will review your entire financial situation and advise of the best financing solution.

Whether you’re a seasoned home owner or a property virgin, a skilled mortgage professional is a vital asset to have on the team of professionals assisting you. aroi is home to a group of mortgage experts boasting more than 50 years combined experience in the mortgage field and our first priority is your satisfaction, comfort and happiness. You can rest assured knowing the options and advice we give you will be unsurpassed, and with access to over 45 lenders, we can tailor a mortgage to fit your needs. From your first home to refinancing your income property we are here to provide you with peace of mind. We will get you your mortgage, your way.

For First Time Buyers, mortgage advice and information is not just important, it is critical. Timely and accurate mortgage advice and the right products to select from, can be a boon to the enjoyment of your first purchase as a family home and lifetime investment. There is no reason to rush the purchase of your first home – remember, it is also an investment in your life and lifestyle.

As a Repeat Buyer, you need to know that your options are extensive. With a changing mortgage marketplace, you need to be kept up to date so that you can make a decision that is tailored to your current situation with the flexibility that you require.

Renewal / Refinance: When renewing your mortgage, it is likely that your current lending institution will offer you a rate that is not the best one available in the marketplace. You are in a strong bargaining position, and by joining forces with aroi you can obtain a rate and product that suits you and your situation.

Too many individuals do not take advantage of their position and a mortgage broker’s services at this critical time of homeownership. This is the time when your equity grows substantially, from decreasing your principal loan balance combined with appreciating home values. Over 70% of mortgage holders just sign their current lender’s renewal form and the usual result is a higher rate and product that no longer fits best with their financial situation and goals. There are a lot of lenders in the marketplace who want your business, and we can find the one most suitable for you.

Credit problems? For many Canadians the advantages of home ownership remain out of reach as a result of low credit scores. aroi works with a locally owened and manged Mortgage lender, which specializes in understanding the specific circumstances of a borrower. In many situations, financing can be obtained for these less conventional situations, even when the traditional lenders have declined en masse.

The aroi team looks forward to learning about your situation and designing the best financing package possible.